Our Aviator’s Wine Club is Expanding!

We now have three tiers of AWC club membership, each offering a unique wine experience tailored to your preferences.

AWC4: Aviator’s Wine Club 4 (AWC4) Membership is designed for wine enthusiasts seeking a curated selection of Barnstormer wines. As an AWC4 member, you will receive a thoughtfully crafted four-pack of Barnstormer wines four times a year. These wines, priced at $90-$95 + tax per pick-up or shipment, are exclusive to the club and often include limited production, pre-release, reserve, and wine club-only selections. With AWC4, you can indulge in exceptional wines that showcase the best of Barnstormer.

AWC6: Elevate your wine experience with Aviator’s Wine Club 6 (AWC6) Membership. With AWC6, you will receive a six-pack of Barnstormer wines per shipment, carefully chosen to delight your palate. Priced at $125-$135 + tax, this range may vary based on your selections. What sets AWC6 apart is the added customization option for the final two bottles in each shipment. While the pack includes four winemaker-selected bottles, you have the freedom to personalize the remaining two bottles from your favorite available wines. It’s an opportunity to curate a wine selection that truly reflects your taste and preferences. Additionally, AWC6 members enjoy an exclusive 10% discount on all non-reserve wine purchases made online or in our tasting room. Delight in the diverse offerings of Barnstormer while enjoying the convenience of a flat rate shipping fee of only $16. Immerse yourself in the world of Barnstormer wines with AWC6 and enjoy customization and exceptional value.

AWC12: For the ultimate wine aficionado, Aviator’s Wine Club 12 (AWC12) Membership offers an unparalleled experience. With AWC12, you will receive a twelve-pack of Barnstormer wines per shipment, showcasing the breadth and depth of our selection. Priced at $240-$260 + tax, this range may vary based on your selections. What makes AWC12 truly remarkable is the opportunity to customize eight out of the twelve bottles in each shipment. This level of personalization allows you to curate an extraordinary wine collection tailored precisely to your taste and preferences. As an AWC12 member, you’ll receive an exclusive 15% discount on all non-reserve wine purchases, both online and in our tasting room. Experience the pinnacle of our wines with AWC12, accompanied by the convenience of a flat rate shipping fee of only $12.

Regardless of the membership tier you choose, pick-up and shipment releases are scheduled on the first Thursday of December, March, June, and September. Shipments are carefully coordinated to ensure the wines arrive in optimal condition. For pick-up members, we offer the convenience of storing your releases for up to one year after the release date, allowing you to collect and savor your wines at your own pace.

To celebrate our valued club members, we host exclusive pick-up parties on release weekend Saturdays from 11 AM to 4 PM. By reservation, you and a guest can indulge in complimentary wine tastings accompanied by locally sourced farmed and foraged culinary pairings, seafood boils, or BBQs. We invite you to share the experience with additional guests for a wine and culinary pairing fee, ensuring everyone can revel in Barnstormer-exclusive perks.

As an Aviator’s Wine Club Member, you unlock additional benefits. Enjoy an exclusive 5% discount on all wines purchased online and in our tasting room, allowing you to expand your wine collection even further. Moreover, we extend complimentary wine tastings to you and a guest during each visit, providing a memorable experience every time you explore our selection.

We believe in offering flexibility and convenience, which is why you have the freedom to sign up or cancel your membership at any time, without any charges or penalties. If you are currently an AWC4 member and wish to graduate to a higher tier, simply reach out to Kelly, our Wine Club Manager, and she will be delighted to assist you. Contact Kelly via email at wineclub@barnstormerwinery.com. Whether you are ready to sign up or looking to gift a membership to a fellow wine enthusiast, we welcome you to reach out to us via email or visit our tasting room at 607-243-4008.

Join us on this incredible journey through the world of Barnstormer wines. Elevate your wine experience, customize your collection, and discover our community of Barnstormer-enthusiasts. The Aviator’s Club awaits you!

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